Welcome to the Hoffman Institute International website. Celebrating 45 years of the Hoffman Process throughout the world. With over 85,000 participants worldwide and recommended by health professionals and celebrities, hoffman is leading the way in getting the most out of life.

Welcome to the Hoffman International website celebrating over 46 years of the Hoffman Process around the world.

Established in 14 countries, this week-long residential course has been found highly effective as both an educational and healing programme. A 2012 international survey of 2,497 participants showed:
• 97% of Hoffman Process participants said they were better equipped to deal with life's difficulties.
•••83% found they had better relationships with themselves and others
•••• 80% found greater enjoyment of life after the Hoffman Process.
•••• 89%
found increased compassion for their parents.

Bob Hoffman created the Hoffman Process in California in 1967. It has now grown in reputation throughout the world as a leader in personal development. The Process helps to identify and resolve issues of the past that affect our present lives, whether they involve relationships, career, self leadership, our roles as parents or our spiritual being.

As an education, the Process teaches us tools and techniques to shift old patterns of behaviour and find a new way of being. Published scientific research supports the positive effects that the Hoffman Process has had on coping with stress and providing help with anxiety and depression.

Common reasons for doing the Hoffman Process:
••• I'm at a crossroads in my life and want to learn more about myself.
••• I'm feeling stuck and want to know what's holding me back.
••• I want to repair my relationships with those close to me.
••• I feel like something is missing in my life.
••• I want to love and feel love more deeply.
••• I often feel angry, upset, stressed or resentful.
••• I want to be able to express myself more authentically.
••• I want to be a better leader or motivator of people.
••• I don't want to keep repeating the same mistakes.
••• I want to get more out of life and have more fun.

The Hoffman Process operates worldwide under the umbrella of Hoffman Institute International (HII). The HII was founded in 1991 by Bob Hoffman to manage the affairs of the international network of Hoffman centres, each of which presents the Hoffman Process in their respective countries.

The role of HII is:

••• to set the standards and criteria for presentation and delivery of the Process.
••• to authorise licensees who have met international standards.
••• to monitor program delivery and quality.
••• to support the international growth and reputation of Hoffman worldwide.

HII is managed by an elected executive board, whose members are also directors of Hoffman centres. It is a requirement of all licensees to meet every two years to discuss and agree standards, delivery, saftey protocols and any relevant changes to the Process itself. These standards and criteria are monitored and enforced by the HII board.

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