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Hoffman Institute Foundation, 2005 

We were interested in assessing the impact of the Process on the health and well being of physicians and other health care professionals. To obtain data on the personal and professional benefits of Process participation, in October 2004 we sent 494 questionnaires to health care professional graduates. We received 129 responses, a 26% return. The results were scored in February 2005.

The questionnaire probed four categories of post Process change:

1. Personal Changes 
2. Family Relationships 
3. Professional Changes 
4. Professional Relationships

Positive change was reported in every segment.

Among the highest percentage of positive change experienced were the following:

89% more present and self-aware 
86% more compassionate 
84% more aware of feelings 
85% more experience of giving and receiving love 
84% more self forgiving 
82% more balanced and grounded 
80% more balance in personal and professional life 
80% more life satisfaction 
77% less depressed and anxious 
79% more integrated in interactions with others 
80% more spiritual 
75% more committed to family 
78% more empathic listener 
88% better partner 
91% better parent 
77% better listener with patients 
77% more open in communication with patients 
78% more connected with patients 
75% able to establish deeper connection with patients 
80% address all aspects of patients (body, emotions, intellect, spirit) 
78% more present to people in their suffering 
77% able to perform with greater ease 
73% suggest power of prayer/meditation/spirit in bringing emotional & physical healing 
80% combine professional excellence with compassion 
78% established healthier boundaries 
86% increase in personal growth


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